Thursday, 13 March 2014


I do not want to be writing this irritating shit and most people in Great Britain do want to hear it! They would rather spend there time watching the mass made, mass produced, brain dead bullshit that the mainstream media call entertainment, I make absolutely NO MONEY AT ALL from it and I would rather spend my time doing more constructive things that may lead to me getting paid. I was not going to write any blogs this week and I am considering moving on, I love showing people how fucked up and ridiculous our government are but I have a family to look after and £100 per month made from DVD sales is not enough to look after them, Youtube owe me tens of thousands but they continue holding back payment.

I was going to quit and turn my attention to writing novels, the internet is so censored and under corporate control at the moment that there is not much point in sharing my stuff on social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook, the corporations that control the internet also control what we watch, they hide videos and posts that they would rather you not see, they are being used by the elite to protect and serve the elite, the banks, the corporations and oppress the poor.

I cannot stand Boris Johnson, Nick Clegg, David Cameron, William Hague, Iain Duncan Smith or any other politician that "represents us and works for us" I am sick of writing shit articles about fucking IDIOTIC, INBREED, GREEDY, DELUSIONAL FOOLS.

Boris Johnson looks like he belongs in a zoo, Nick Clegg was a Tory from the start, David Cameron feels no way in destroying the NHS despite once relying on the NHS to look after his ill child and despite promising numerous times that "the NHS is safe with a Conservative government" he even had the nerve to claim that the Conservative Party are "the party of the NHS." William Hague is a failed Conservative leader that claims he can drink seventeen pints of Lager a night and looking at the state of him I for one believe him. And Iain Duncan Smith a rich prick that has had everything he has handed to him on a silver plate and yet he still has the nerve to suggest that he could live on £53 per week but refuses to prove it despite a petition gathering nearly half a million signatures requesting him to prove he is not FULL OF SHIT, he attacks the sick, disabled and poor and like nearly all British politicians he has no idea on the financial struggles that the poor have to deal with.

The point of this blog is I am fed up of talking about these ignorant pricks, I was ready to turn my attention to something different, but these idiots and their followers wind me up so much I end up writing about their hypocrisy, greed, lies, wars and ignorance I end up writing about this shit!

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