Friday, 27 January 2012


Anyone that owns a Playstation 3 would have heard of YLOD  (Yellow Light of Death) it is similar to xbox 360s ring of death, it means your playstation has stopped working and your probably not going to be able to fix it! Im a expert on YLOD, as i have now owned 4 playstation 3s that have had YLOD, and 1 PS3 with a dodgy cd drive ( that cost me £80 to fix ) when my 4th Sony Playstation 3 got the Yellow Light of Death, i was told its a common problem and the yellow light acknowledges it is a error that Sony are aware of and responsable for ( its a design fault, ) i was confident that PlayStation Support would be helpful and fix my problem or better still exchange it after all  xbox 360 do up to 2 years over the oringal guarantee for the ring of death. 
I was wrong! PlayStation Support wanted £110 for a "refurbished 80gb" and it would only be guaranteed for 3 months! so if in 6 months time i have the same problem i would be in the same situation again, Sony make huge profits for making shit machines that break down for no reason or fault of the owner selling you dodgy  "refurbished" PS3s. I explained "im on my 7th PS3 in 5 years to them, and i own £400 worth of games, i have brought 3 Playstation 3s from new"  PlayStation Support reply was " look like you will have to buy " a refurbished 80gb one. 
And now im on the subject of how shit the PS3 is, other faults include
Slow rubbish online games with no one online and bad connections, Google dont work, youtube is slow on the ps3 and the adverts make it even slower, the PS3 move? looks shit, Sony make no good games, PS3s overheat, PlayStation Support is a rip off! 

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