Saturday, 28 January 2012


  Nationwide Building Society charged me, my girlfriend and our 2 children £4000 ( in at the time illegal bank charges, legalized later by supreme court in the UK! ) Nationwide Building Society would sometimes charge £200 per week in bank charges just because we did not have the money to pay bills on time! due to the fact i had just lost job! Nationwide Building Society left us with no money for food electric, and other essentials, (we had to borrow money from family)  i learned the poorest people in Britain get the highest bank charges. I contacted the Financial Ombudsman Service, they were useless,  they claim they could not help us because Nationwide Building Society had already paid us £400 of the £4000 back weeks earlier! "Thats only 10% of what they charged me" i said, but they insisted they could not help me in fact there was no one that could help its perfectly legal for the bank/building society to take money from your bank account with no permission, just like its legal for the bank/building society to charge £50 because your account was £1 short of paying a £10 direct debit bill. 

Where does that money go? millions of pounds taken from the most poor people in Britain to pay for Nationwide Building Society's sponsorship of the already overpaid, under taxed, over rated and underachieving England football team! and paying fat cats at Nationwide Building Society fat bonuses, yet if i have one million in the bank account (like a England Football player would) with 5% interest the bank will pay me £50000 a year! Nationwide Building Society like all high street banks are corrupt, they steal from the poor to pay for their ridiculous adverts and sponsorship deals! 

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  1. i agrree with you all banks are for makeing you worse off