Friday, 10 January 2014


The mainstream media regularly use the control that they have of the market to try and pass opinions to the masses and anyone that disagrees with them are usually called names like radicals, extremists and even terrorists. But is this true? are people that do not agree with the governments plans actually terrorists? Does thinking that our government are the real terrorists of the world actually make me a terrorist? It depends on who you ask, for example Adolf Hitler thought it did, as did Josef Stalin and many other dictators, but usually the people that claim that disagreeing with them makes you a terrorist are the REAL terrorists! That is why it comes as no surprise to me that David Cameron and his party of disabled attacking, child abusing old toffs are attempting to censor the internet.

What does surprise is the fact that the fast asleep British public is still staying silent, do the masses no longer support freedom of speech? this week the Daily Mirror reported  "A schoolboy trying to save his youth club was hauled from class after his plan to protest outside David Cameron's constituency office was spotted - by anti-terror police.  In an astonishing over-reaction, 12-year-old Nicky Wishart was warned he faced ARREST.  "I couldn't believe it," he said. "The policeman asked me lots of questions about why we were having a protest and who would be there.  "I said it was simply because we didn't want our youth centre to close - it's a fantastic place to go and there isn't much else for us to do round here."  The full-scale security operation swung into effect days after Nicky made an innocent request on Facebook to "save our youth centre".

At least 12 year old Nicky Wishart who was told he faced arrest if public disorder ensued and armed officers would be present, actually learned something useful at school that day, because the way our education system is at the moment its probably the most educational day he has ever had at school! That day he learned that the British government and police are paranoid lunatics with to way much tax payers money on there hands, so instead of spending it on public services, they spend it spying on children's Facebook accounts!

What a huge waste of time and tax payers money at a time when David Cameron claims to be trying to cut Britain's "deficit" he has cut benefits for the poor, sick and disabled, he has cut the NHS and he has cut public services yet Britain can still afford to spend ridiculous amounts of money and time on chasing 12 year old's fighting for a youth club.

I bet even Hitler himself would not have considered a class room full of 12 year old's trying to save their local youth club to be a threat to national security! This sort of over reaction to a protest should be taken very seriously by the British public, its another example of how governments are using intimidation tactics and taking civil liberties and also wasting tax payers money.

This week Michael Gove  attacked Blackadder goes forth claiming Left-wing myths about the First World War peddled by Blackadder belittle Britain and clear Germany of blame, I have got news for you Michael Gove, its not Blackadder that belittles Britain, nor is it extremists, terrorists, benefit scroungers, immigrants or political activists, its YOU and people like YOU,! The fact that YOU and people like you are in charge of our children's education should scare the shit out of every parent in Great Britain.


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