Friday, 16 May 2014


Work for a corporation like Tesco, McDonalds and Aldi and one day with a lot of hard work, kissing arse and doing what you are told you could be the manager of a huge corporate store like Tesco, McDonalds or Aldi! WHAT A WASTE OF A LIFE! Who would want to work for these companies for longer than a month let alone three years? Is this what we are seriously offering our youth, working their whole lives as slaves to corporations getting paid enough to eat, have shelter and live but never enough to truly free themselves. Some people might think that working for a company like Tesco, McDonalds and Aldi is NOT a waste of a life, they may think that these jobs are potentially lifelong jobs leading to possible management, if that is what you think then good, feel free to knock yourself out and take one of these jobs.

I believe that not only are these jobs lame, boring and 99% of the people that begin working in these places will not reach management (in fact some struggle to get off workfare and actually end up working just for benefits,) even worse is the fact that these companies kill local businesses, pay lame wages, use child labour and exploitation of poor nations and now they want to exploit the youth of Britain and most people do not seem to have a problem with that.

We expect our youth, the next generation to take these lame paid, dead end jobs and when our youth riot, protest and refuse to take these jobs we simply stop there benefits, forcing them into low paid, low skilled, dead end jobs that NOBODY in the right mind would want.

Where is the opportunity in that? Why would we want our youth to be slaves for these sickening, greedy businesses? Do we really expect people in the UK to work there whole lives for a billionaire business that pays no income tax and then when our youth are older or taken ill there is no NHS to help them?

My advice to the youth of the UK is DISOBEY EVERYTHING, everything the government ask you to do! DO NOT RIOT JUST DISOBEY and hope to God that one day the misguided masses WAKE UP and smell the slavery.

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