Thursday, 2 February 2012

Are David Cameron and Nick Clegg Right Honourable Gentlemen?

  1. David Cameron and Nick Clegg have cut public spending, they have cut the NHS, pensions, and public sector jobs. Between 6,000 and 8,000 public sector jobs could be lost in just Sheffield by 2015, 
  2. according to a report on the BBC website!  We are all in this together after all, that is unless you are a member of the royal family, they want £80 million for the Royal Yacht, they say it wont cost the public, ( which is bullshit ) they say it will be funded for elsewhere but surely if they have £80 million to spend of this pointless and ridiculous idea like that. Maybe they should consider spending that money on the NHS, getting children out of poverty, getting gangs of the streets and in to good jobs that they can be proud of, granted, some people in Britain dont wont to work, they are happy on the dole, if thats the case let them be. I believe most people would rather work, but not work at Tesco or McDonalds for £6 per hour, a proper job, a fair opportunity and a future. 
  3. The media in this country keeps talking about and benefit fraud, spying on people playing golf, embarrassing them and publicly exposing them, but the media are not so fast to expose tax evasion of the rich, despite the fact tax evasion costs £30 billion per year, fraud in the UK, it is more than twice as high as thought, with tax evasion costing the public purse over £15 billion per year and benefit fraud just over £1 billion. Why dont they expose tax evasion?  David Cameron said Britain should not micro manage banks, why not? they should micro manage the banks because the banks have proven they cannot be trusted, but they can and do micro manage disability living allowance application, dont forget David Cameron and Nick Clegg the bank bail out is now at £850 million according to the independent thats alot of benefits for alot of people unlike the Royal Yacht............... 
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