Monday, 25 June 2012

Do not use Google Ads. 

I have been using Google Ads for my advertising recently, i found it very expensive and completely ineffective, i decided it was not worth the high cost and i was not going to use it again, until a receive a promotional email from them it read, 
                                                        Hello from Google!

Attracting new customers means reaching people at the very moment that they're searching for you. With more and more consumers using their phones to find products and services, that moment could happen anywhere. Here are some tips for reaching mobile customers—plus £100* to try AdWords again once you spend £10. To qualify for £100 in ad credit:

1.Restart an existing ad campaign by following the steps above or create a new one
2.Spend £10 in your account before May 31st
3.You will then receive an email by June 14th featuring a unique voucher code and details on how to redeem your £100 AdWords credit.
Brilliant i stupidly and naively thought to myself, £100 AdWords credit could help me start some DVD sales and maybe even a small business, as i am currently unemployed and have 3 kids, so i spend £10 before 31st May plus £10 to activate to £100. Google take the money from my bank two times so that is £40 i have paid Google refuse to refund one of the payments and still no word of the £100 credit. Some of my videos criticized Google for invasion of privacy, spying and censoring the internet. Google are not the only company that either owe me money or have ripped me off others are Blip tv, Videoweed, and youtube have stopped uploading on 2 accounts now. Google are using there massive monopoly to stop the spread of the truth, Fuck Google, AdSense, Facebook, Twitter and all other websites that censor the truth! 

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