Sunday, 30 June 2013


My website was set up in October 2012, after being out of work for two years it is an attempt to make a living.

Much to my surprise the website was an instant success and after just a few months I was getting thousands of visitors every day, until April 2013 when I notice my site is down, I contact my internet server only to be told that my website has being cyber attacked, he also gives me the I.P address of the attackers.

Amazingly after searching the I.P address on Google I discover my website had been attacked by a government owned and controlled department of work and pensions office in Warrington.

After a couple of weeks I get the website working again but the number of visitors had fallen, I start writing new blogs and slowly the website starts to get more visitors, until yesterday! Until today, Sunday 30th June 2013, my website had been taken down again and I have no idea who or why my website is down, Facebook, Google, Youtube have all censored me, Youtube have taken down videos that expose corruption, lies and greed within our government and Facebook are deliberately slowing the spread of information online.

But don't worry they have nothing to hide.

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