Monday, 1 July 2013


Do you pay your TV Licence? I do not, my reasons are I NEVER watch anything made by the BBC except for classics like only fools and horses, red dwarf and fawlty towers,  I watch my television using the internet on my PS3! I use websites like youtube to watch documentaries and netflix  or lovefilm to watch movies and tv shows, i assumed i would not be expected to pay my TV Licence, i was wrong! Because the BBC have TV shows on netflix, lovefilm and youtube the law states i should still pay my TV Licence. This is a massive rip off, why should I have to pay netflix and the BBC? no other  broadcasting company does this so why are the BBC allowed to do this? its just another example of RIP OFF BRITAIN and as BBC I Player struggles to load on a PS3, its slow and usually un-watchable unlike netflix and lovefilm they have no trouble loading, and with no news channel, nothing ever any good on, and massive cover ups by the BBC recently being exposed why should we pay? Its surely is time to boycott the BBC, except too many people in Britain are hooked to mind numbing bullshit TVshows like Holby city and Eastenders, the BBC are paid a lot of money ( £145 per year, per household )  to entertain and to keep the British people up to date on current affairs  unfortunately the BBC is now a low quality TV channel with loads of low quality TV shows and low quality government propaganda. The BBC should try improving its online services massively before asking for licence fees from web users.

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          There were giants on the earth in those days.
                         Signs of the ILLUMINATI?
   Ancient world of Demons, Reptilians, Gods and the Djinn.                                

          USA                                                              UK                                                                              Fuck the system Volume 1.                 Fuck the system Volume 1. 
Fuck the system Volume2.                  Fuck the system Volume 2.
Fuck the system Volume 3.                 Fuck the system Volume 3.

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