Saturday, 23 November 2013


The DWP or the department of work and pensions are the people that control the job center, they are there to "help the unemployed get back into work" They look after the unemployed, the sick, the disabled and sometimes the lazy unfortunately they do not do a good job, that's why the use of food bank and similar charities have sky rocketed in Britain, that's why the sick and disabled are being forced to take jobs that they should not be expected to take. A cyber attack from a DWP office taken my website down back in February 2013.

I am unemployed and therefore a customer of the DWP! And I have many criticisms of them, criticisms like why am I seeing blind people and wheel chair bound people in the job center? Do the DWP get satisfaction out of watching disabled people literally beg for their money? criticisms like they demand I get a job in order to get off benefits and stop burdening Britain's society with mine and my families need to eat and to have shelter, but they then cyber attack my website bringing it down. My website was only running for a few months and was already getting tens of thousands hits per day and was well on the way of being a potential money maker, therefore I could come off benefits, like they want me to.

Another criticism I have is why are the DWP so obsessed with the useless Direct Gov Universal Job match website? Every adviser in every meeting, every time I go in there they talking about Universal Job match like its the best thing since sliced bread, NEWS FLASH FOR THE DWP, Direct Gov's Universal Job match website is USELESS.

When I very first logged into Universal Job match and done a search I got literally thousands of jobs up, I thought I am guaranteed to find a decent job on here. I start looking for jobs, Universal Job match keeps records of the jobs that you have applied for, unless that job takes you to a different website from a business that "requires personal details" from you in order for you to apply for the job.

At first I did not mind giving these companies my details, after all I am applying for a job. I give a few companies my details, no replies, I give a few more, still no replies, so I give more details out to more businesses still get no replies. The most frustrating thing is the businesses I applied for jobs with months ago are still advertising on Universal Job match.

An adviser told me "Universal Job match is guaranteed to be 100% secure, they will not share your details and its a completely trustworthy site" to which I laughed. Universal Job match is a scam. The site was developed by Monster, at a cost of over £17 million and annual running charges of £6 Million, How does it cost that? The government want us on there to make themselves and the useless, expensive, rip off website look good, but anyone that has used for a period of time will know the website is a waste of money, they should be spending that money on looking after the sick and disabled and fighting poverty, not spending it on useless websites made by super rich corporation's.

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