Sunday, 19 October 2014


Because of the fact Google are refusing me a payment to me, despite videos made by me receiving OVER 15 MILLION VIEWS and my channel gaining 20000 subscribers, I am Council housed, in a poor area and a house that is way too small for my four children. If Google paid me the $80000 USD they owed me I would be buying or at least private renting in an area far away from my current address.

Living in a council house or housing association house is not too bad, the house the easy to warm and comfortable and as long as I pay my rent and don't turn the place in to a drug den I am housed.

One complaint about council houses is why do they always come with PREPAYMENT METERS? Prepayment meters for Gas and Electric, prepayment meters are ridiculously expensive compared to standard bills, they result in the lower classes, the poor, the disabled and anyone that lives in a council house paying A LOT more money for the same product.

My house has a prepayment meter for both Gas and Electric, meaning that some "business" is making a absolute fortune from my families need to stay warm!

On average my family of six costs £5 per day in electric alone, if we use the tumble dryer or a boil wash the money drops quicker than Nick Clegg's popularity has dropped, you would I am trying to power a mansion and a family of 20 if you were to watch the meter.

These Prepayment meters are being used by energy businesses as another way to rip off the poor, why should poor people pay so much more for the same product? The answer is they shouldn't. Prepayment meters should either be scrapped completely or properly regulated and capped.

Advantages of prepayment meters include:

  • helping customers to manage their debt and energy usage;
  • preventing large, unexpected bills,

Disadvantages of prepayment meters include:

  • above average costs for your gas and electricity;
  • the best energy deals on the market aren't available to prepayment meter customers;
  • they can be inconvenient because you have to go out to 'top up' keys and smartcards;
  • if you can't reach a shop to top up your meter your energy can be switched off;
  • older meters need to have their prices updated manually after price rises or falls, which can take months. This means you could be left paying old rates and owing a lump sum or paying too much.

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