Friday, 9 January 2015


What is wrong with the poorer classes today? Protesting, Rioting and Complaining seems to be a favourite past time. They moan about the fact that we the establishment, elite, Illuminati what ever you want to call us do not pay taxes, but how had we meant to pay for our mansions, castles and palaces if we paid taxes? They spew hate on the internet but lucky for us our obscenely rich friends that have control of the internet Larry Page, Sergey Brinn and our best friend Mark Zuckerberg prevent these complainers from being heard. These people are anti war, anti corporation and anti globalization but lucky for us our obscenely rich friends that control the media will portray these complainers as dangerous, extremists and terrorists, so even when they are heard people consider them to be mental. Thank our dark lord that we own nearly all media.

The lower classes want more money and better lifestyles but if we spend our time and efforts fighting poverty and funding the NHS, how could we afford to fight wars for oil? Political activists moan about the fact that Google, Amazon, Facebook, Vodafone, Boots, Tesco and many other huge multinational do not pay tax on their massive profits, but why should these multinational corporations pay tax? How would Facebook afford to buy Oculus, Instagram and Whats App if Facebook were to pay a fair amount of tax? Why should these companies pay tax when they have worked and lobbied so hard the create these tax loop holes in the first place?

These working class imbeciles moan about the cost of keeping our glorious monarchy, the class system and the aristocracy, they show no respect to people that are above them in the class system despite the fact that these peasants are usually working class or even on benefits, the cheeky bastards living on tiny hand outs, in tiny damp houses, how dare they criticize their class superiors. The problem with the internet is it allows these political activists, lunatics and extremists to be heard as they expose our so called greed in Africa, lets be honest Africans have no need for natural resources, so we might as well take what we need and they don't need, British and American charities will give them aid, anyway! The internet has also exposed our profitable wars, they are brain washing people with bullshit like equality and respect for human life over profit. I mean respect for human life is all very nice and good but it will not help the economy pick up, provide jobs or cut our deficit. Our friends at the bank have printed us lots of money, we should definitely put aside fighting poverty, saving the NHS, respecting human rights and all the other shit aside for now and concentrate on more important issues, issues like paying the banks back because the longer we take to pay our nearly one and half trillion pound national debt, the more interest we would have to pay back on it, we do not want to upset the Rothchilds, they are far too important to upset and without families like the Rothchilds and without monarchies and no class system, me and my family would not have such comfortable lives in comfortable mansions, that have been in my family since my great great great great great great great granddad and his friends murdered a whole village and claimed the land for themselves!  


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