Tuesday, 3 September 2013


As most people know youtube is now owned by Google and Google seem to be on a mission to destroy youtube, the internet, freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Google evidently do not like my videos, they make them nearly impossible to find and they do not show on any suggested video lists. Why do Google not like my videos? Is it because they are cheaply made? or do Google think they spread hate? or is it more cynical, like they are paid to remove criticisms of certain corporations and government institutions, are Google paid by governments to slow the spread of information? If so that's illegal, even greedy billionaire corporations like Google are obliged to follow the law and by removing this information or deliberately making the information hard to access Google are breaking the law.

Our hypocritical government have in the past criticized censorship in countries like Russia, China and North Korea, but know they are choosing to follow suit, Our hypocritical government claim we must fight the war on terror to protect our freedom yet the only people that I see attacking our freedom is our corrupt governments and monarchies and our corrupt, greedy corporations and banks.

Google are destroying the internet with their greed and their will to make as much cash as possible, Vevo has ruined music videos, advertisements slow down loading times and keep people waiting as Google collects information in an attempt to advertise things to you that are relevant to you, eg. if you have been searching the internet for Disney DVDs chances are next time you use youtube a link to buy Disney DVDs will probably show. They also find your location to advertise local businesses to you, all sounds OK and fair until you discover that the video makers are not paid for these adverts, Google, BBC, Sony and other huge multi national corporations are paid, even for videos they do not own and have no legal right to.

Google use their power online to choose what you read and watch, how else do you think Kony 2012 got over 10 million views on its first few days? The answer is simple the answer is because our government, media and corporations wanted you to watch that bullshit, to help give them a green light for an attack on Uganda, unfortunately for them the propaganda was so blatant they failed.  

The greed of Google is killing the internet. 

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