Sunday, 1 September 2013


Watching BBC news depresses me at the best of times, but watching Newsnight on Syria was shocking, it was like the BBC was trying to give the British people a guilt trip on the House of Commons Decision not to intervene in Syria. It started with John Kerry claiming "it matters to us" and Barack Obama, claiming that he "can not accept a world where women and children are burning and innocent civilians are being gassed on a terrible scale" but a world of poverty, starvation and imperialistic wars is acceptable, to Barack Obama and John Kerry?

It continued with John Kerry claiming that "this is common sense, this is evidence, these are facts" it reminded me of George Bush's and Tony Blair's the facts on Iraq's WMDs, a war that was criticized by Barack Obama on the build up to his first election win against John McCain.

The BBC then showed footage of a school that had been bombed and followed it with footage from a hospital where many victims of the chemical attacks were rushed. The BBC never once asked the question, how is dropping bombs on Syria going to help the Syrian people? The BBC never mentioned the fact that the rebels have a more obvious motivation to carry out these attacks then the Syrian government do, they never mention the fact that no evidence that link the Syrian government has been presented and they never ask questions like what about poverty death rates in the third world? They never question the use of child labour and slavery.

Later they get some random French author insisting he was disappointed in the British for not fighting this war, despite our history of heroic battles and wars in the past. They also interviewed a nurse that worked at a local hospital during the attacks, she was under the strange illusion that Britain and USA blowing parts of Syria up and killing innocent civilians is what the Syrian people need right now! she claimed that Syria was being ignored by the world.

Watching this bullshit and listening to Paddy Ashdown showing what a war mongering, old fashioned, lunatic he is and John Kerry having the nerve to suggest this war would be a humanitarian war, they reminded me of kids, they just want to play war at the tax payers expense. David Cameron and Barack Obama both claim that we can not even afford to look after the sick and poor in our own countries, they have both cut welfare for the poorest and they have both completely ignored corporate tax evasion and avoidance or even corporate child labour, they have both bailed out banks because they both serve the same interest, the puppet masters. And now they are both trying to slow the spread of information and cover up the truth, the trouble is they are losing respect and therefore authority and many people are now more alert to whom they serve, THE HIGHEST BIDDER!


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  1. yep saw that and the exact same thoughts went through my mind. Just waiting on a false flag attack now on a British target or interest to draw us back into this madness.