Thursday, 4 July 2013


A message from my kids school.

Avoid Booking Holidays in Term Time

Having an excellent attendance record at school is vital for long-term success. If students miss lessons then this can lead to all sorts of stress as they try to catch-up the work. They can also miss out on essential information needed for exams and revision sessions that enable the best preparation for these important tests.

We would therefore urge parents to avoid booking holidays for students during term time and especially so during the examination months of May and June.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

A message from me to all schools.

Avoid telling me what to do

Firstly what does it have to do with the school when we take our holidays? secondly, having an excellent attendance record at school is vital for long-term success, really? because as far as i can see not reading Percy Jackson and not eating food that i would not give to my dog for a couple weeks is NOT going to effect a students long term success, and if holidays did not double in price as soon as the kids break up  from school then maybe people would not be so tempted to book time off school. I get a letter from a primary school threatening to remove my kids from the school because we allowed the kids to break up 2 days before the summer holiday’s started worst thing about this they had been watching films and doing no work all week. This school BTW is nearly bottom in the local league tables ( no surprise to me ),  they even have policemen watching the parents picking up there kids all signs of the times.

Schools in Britain are terrible they are corrupt, they have no idea how to handle bullying, kids are listening to brain dead music like Jay Z, Lil Wayne and Drake walking around like acting like gangsters and learning nothing about life or the way they are being oppressed by their so called hero’s. Schools have proms for kids as young as 11 and prom nights again for 16 year old’s, its all good until girls get caught pregnant before they leave the school, if that happens they BLAME THE PARENTS. Sex Education at school is ridiculous,  ”wear a condom” is there only advice and why do primary school kids need sex education anyway?


  1. I'm guessing this Also apples in schools in America as well

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