Monday, 1 July 2013


The exam system in England is suffering from “deterioration and decay”, says a damning report from leading independent school head teachers.

Head teachers attacked huge variations in results and poor marking.

The most able pupils now have to “dumb down” their answers to get A* grades, said the leaders of the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference.

Christopher Ray, the independent schools group’s chairman, said the exam system was in a “truly shocking” state.

Its not that schools and teachers are not good at there jobs, in fact they are brilliant at there jobs! The problem is there job is to keep the masses stupid and easy to control or dumb us down.

Schools in Britain are corrupt and made to corrupt and i speak from experience, schools in Britain now have prom nights for 10 and 11 year olds and then again for 16 year olds, they do not to teach about Jesus are even the Bible in case in offends but do not worry they teach sex education to kids as young as 7!

They present theories as facts, they make interesting subjects BORING! They teach hardly anything on ancient mythology (other than Greek and Roman) or history, they fail to teach that the masses have been oppressed and brainwashed by the elite for hundreds years all over the world.

In school performances they now perform shit like Lady Gaga and other pop acts/ talentless sell outs, and if your child is a success at school they have the opportunity to get themselves in thousands of pounds of debt in college. The BBC push cannabis on to kids with shit like rasta mouse, i got nothing against cannabis but possession of cannabis can get people locked up,  the government will not legalize cannabis because there is not massive profit in it for them, unlike tobacco and alcohol which the government tax ridiculously.

School+Entertainment industry=Mindcontrol and corruption.

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Fuck the system Volume2.                  Fuck the system Volume 2.
Fuck the system Volume 3.                 Fuck the system Volume 3.

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