Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Some of the worst thugs in Britain are the bailiffs the government and corporations send out to collect their debts, they use intimidation tactics on the elderly and the poor, they take furniture and other belongings without permission or compassion and charge you £200 for it! and that’s all legal! Some sections of the British media like the government propaganda filled Express and Star even praise them up!

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The trouble is bailiffs use bully tactics, they use intimidation on people that most the time do not have much money but that’s OK they will just take your furniture and sell it at a auction if it gets them a few quid, they even go after the elderly, the sick and the disabled!

Pay your debts people say and you will not get bailiffs knocking your door, but who collects the debts from the corporations and governments when they rip us off with bank charges and massive tax on cars, tobacco, alcohol, food, gas, electric and everything else they can possible tax!

Tesco, Amazon, News corp, Vodafone, and other massive corporation pay as little as 1% tax on their profit, why don’t the government send bailiffs to the tax evaders, take there stock and auction it? because the British government are puppets to the corporations and the banks.

A 71 year old woman was jailed for a second time after refusing to pay her council tax! Josephine Rooney was sent to prison two years ago after withholding payment because she believed the local authority had failed to prevent her once-elegant street from being overrun by drug dealers and prostitutes.

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