Tuesday, 2 July 2013


In October I started a mobile phone contract with Virgin mobile, i get 2500 minutes to any network and unlimited free calls to land lines and other Virgin mobiles and a Samsung Galaxy for £22 pound a month, brilliant i thought i will now save a fortune on phone calls as I was previously on pay as you go ( another massive rip off! ) I was happy with the service until December comes and I notice Virgin have taken £35 from my bank for my mobile phone bill, I phone them to find out why, the voice recorder tell me to speed up the process type your phone number now, I type it in, not recognized ( it never  recognizes it the first time you type it ) i type it again, this time it works and I am put on hold for a few minutes, now I am through to someone, first thing they do ask for my phone number again! HOW DOES THAT SPEED UP THE FUCKING PROCESS? At last I can ask my question, why is my bill £35 and not agreed £22? the answer because I rang a 0800 number! 0800 is free i said, always has been, not on Virgin RIP OFF mobile, they charge me £13 for 3 phone calls to free numbers! I then ask to cancel my contract and they try and charge £400 to cancel if I do not pay i will be black listed they threaten! I spend £30 a month broadband and £22 a month mobile but that does not stop Virgin from trying to rip me off!

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          There were giants on the earth in those days.
                         Signs of the ILLUMINATI?
   Ancient world of Demons, Reptilians, Gods and the Djinn.                              

          USA                                                              UK                                                                              Fuck the system Volume 1.                 Fuck the system Volume 1.
Fuck the system Volume2.                  Fuck the system Volume 2.
Fuck the system Volume 3.                 Fuck the system Volume 3.

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