Monday, 1 July 2013

The Co-op RIP OFF.

Most supermarkets in Britain and USA use child labor and get away with it, they pay farmers around the world a ridiculously small amount and make massive profits themselves, they provide and rip people off with car insurance,  the Co-op claim to be different no child labor,  and they sell fair trade products! sounds brilliant Co-op must be the fairest place to shop. WRONG, Co-op is a giant rip off, i have moved house recently from a busy road, to a quite housing estate, my car insurance provided by the fair traders Co-op was £48 per month before the move, its now £78 per month, whats more is i am already contracted for 11 months because i agreed and signed to my insurance because i thought its was the cheapest, i could cancel the contract but that can make my insurance higher next time i need to insure my car so i am stuck with the Co-op insurance,  irritated by this i done some research on the so called fair traders Co-op, i found that Co-op who claim to be good with money are just as corrupt if not more corrupt than the rest of them

 On 24 Jun 2012 the Telegraph reported the Co-op’s Funeral care division, which handles around 100,000 funerals a year, was secretly filmed piling up naked corpses “like TV sets” and pressure selling services to the bereaved.

The grieving relatives were led to believe their loved ones’ bodies rested in peace at funeral homes — but in many cases they were stored in vast warehouse morgues on industrial estates.

Wikipedia on fair trade,

the Fairtrade Foundation does not monitor how much extra retailers charge for Fairtrade goods, so it is rarely possible to determine how much extra is charged or how much reaches the producers,

The Fairtrade Foundation does not monitor how much of the extra money paid to the exporting cooperatives reaches the farmer. The cooperatives incur costs in reaching the Fairtrade political standards, and these are incurred on all production, even if only a small amount is sold at Fairtrade prices. The most successful cooperatives appear to spend a third of the extra price received on this: some less successful cooperatives spend more than they gain. While this appears to be agreed by proponents and critics of Fairtrade,[70]there is a dearth of economic studies setting out the actual revenues and what the money was spent on. FLO figures[71] are that 40% of the money reaching the Third World is spent on ‘business and production’ which would include these costs, as well as costs incurred by any inefficiency and corruption in the cooperative or the marketing system. The rest is stated to be spent on social projects, rather than being passed on to farmers.

There is no evidence that Fairtrade farmers get higher prices on average.

Do not be fooled by Co-op.

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