Tuesday, 2 July 2013


In 2012 the monarchy’s expenditure rose to £32.3million – a cost of 52p for every single taxpayer,  spending on royal travel and the upkeep of royal residences added £400,000 to the bill! The figures do not include the cost of security and protection! Source propaganda and bullshit filled so shit they have to give it away for free, The Metro.

So whats the cost if we include the cost of security and protection? Its not mentioned by The Metro, what a surprise. £128 million per year according to The Telegraph.

According to corrupt propaganda filled, The Sun, the royal family having all this money does Britain’s economy good! the same article also claims that the royal family spend £3 billion per year on security!

Brand Finance also valued the Royal Warrant system which allows about 800 firms including Weetabix and John Lewis to get the monarch’s seal of approval, was valued at £4 billion pound in 2012!

The Royal wedding, Diamond Jubilee and the Royal yacht were all partly funded by the tax payer! To have a inbreed hereditary monarchy being treated like gods in the 21st century sounds ridiculous but its what we have Britain, Surely its time to take them out of there castles and palaces and open them up as tourist and historical attractions to the people who have paid for them, the tax payers. I am not saying dump them in the middle of some council housing estate, they would not last 2 minutes, give them protection and a nice new house even some guards but take there power, these are the kind of cuts the British government should be doing, not cutting benefits for the sick and the poor.


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