Monday, 1 July 2013

Save the economy?

The governments of Britain and America often claim their controversial actions are good for the economy, actions like work for benefits, bank bailouts, benefit cuts, public sector cuts, NHS cuts and sometimes even war benefit our economy, but do they benefit people? Obviously not, they have no benefit for the masses, they do however benefit multi-national corporations. That's why the "rich and the powerful" spend millions on lobbying, to pass laws that suit themselves, if they don't like a law they pay to change it.

Obviously its good for the economy for people to work as slaves when huge corporations make billions, Nike, Tesco, Walmart, Apple and many others use child labor because it benefits the economy, it lowers their wage bill thus allowing them to make a bigger profit, which of coarse is good for the economy.

Wars for oil and natural resources benefit the economy, our government claim that allowing banks, some of which have been bailed out by the taxpayer, to pay ridiculous banker bonuses is the best thing economy, and the mainstream stream media claim that our monarchy and their fortune is good for the economy, as is destroying rain forests and destroying wild animals natural habitat.

If all these things are good for the economy than fuck the economy!Where does it stop? it would be good for the economy if they breed slaves, killed the weak, the sick and the elderly, silenced all criticism of the system and themselves and removed all human emotion. 

What they really mean when they say good for the economy is good for themselves.

Fuck the economy and fuck the system!
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Fuck the system Volume2.                  Fuck the system Volume 2.
Fuck the system Volume 3.                 Fuck the system Volume 3.

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