Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Once upon a time I was just like you! I had a well paid job in a family business with over 90 people working for us, we was buying new brand cars every year, I had more money then sense, until my parents were both taken ill, due to the stress of the business and the building trade slowing down, my parents not fit enough to carry on they decided to shut the family business they had run for 12 years, they done OK, they had a nice new house in the country and still had the old house for financial back up, the first problem we had was our customers were massive millionaire companies  like Taylor Woodrow and  Persimmon homes when they discovered we were going out of business they refused payments and to this day they owe my family tens of thousands of pounds! At the same time this was going on we had Lloyds TSB refuse to pay out on health insurance my parents purchased from them claiming the self employed are not entitled to claim from it! A fact that was not mentioned to my parents until they started a claim. Money was already and quickly running out forcing my parents back into work, by this time I am working for a new building company and still getting good money but also working very long hours, starting at 6am and not getting back until 10pm some nights! With repossession threats of both houses we were forced to sell the smaller house, after months on the market we sold it for £160000 enough to clear all debts pay a big chunk from the new house  and for my parents to live comfortably until we discovered that with no permission, no right and no apparent legal reason Lloyds TSB had taken £950000 from the money we got for the house. 2 local politicians were amazed and outraged they tried to help ( they are not all wankers ) but got nowhere.

The Financial Ombudsman Service were as always an absolute waste of time, they are funded for by the banks and its a good investment by the banks because they just mess you about and offer you ridiculously small pay outs and never sort a problem out. Now my parents are to ill to work, one is blind the other needs a operation on his spine, they are running out of money getting repossession threats of there house that would make them homeless, they are sent out to monthly meetings to make sure that they are not lying about there illnesses and not falsely claiming sickness benefit. I am out of work at the moment the building trade has been dead for years, the only jobs i see are minimum wage, dead end jobs that will ensure u remain trapped in the system for the rest of our lives. Fuck that!

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Fuck the system Volume2.                  Fuck the system Volume 2.
Fuck the system Volume 3.                 Fuck the system Volume 3.

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